Components of the Program

The Rice University Academy of Fellows is a vibrant interdisciplinary community composed of Rice Academy Junior Fellows and Rice Academy Senior Fellows. Academy Junior Fellows can be housed in any department at Rice University. Junior Fellows are appointed to a two-year term postdoctoral position at Rice. Fellows are generally expected to remain in residence in or near Houston to actively participate in the Academy. Rice Academy Junior and Senior Fellows hold regular gatherings that support intellectual and academic pursuits, as well as social interactions. Fellows should attend regularly and present their work at least once a year.

Professional development is a central focus, and Academy Junior Fellows will receive close mentorship in pursuit of pathway-to-independence fellowships or career development awards. A tenure-track faculty member at Rice University will mentor the research of each Academy Junior Fellow. In some disciplines, a formal teaching record is valued for applications to tenure-track faculty positions. Appropriate teaching opportunities will be developed in consultation with Academy Junior Fellows in these areas.