I received my B.S. degree in Physics at University of Science and Technology of China, then graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Master's Degree of Advanced Study in Mathematics and Northwestern University with Master Degree in Physics. Finally, I obtained my Ph.D. in Physics from Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology in Japan.

My research interest revolves around quantum physics of a complex system. As a Rice Academy Fellow, I will work under the mentorship of Prof. Andriy Nevidomskyy to explore the world of “fractons” — bizarre particles in complex quantum systems that are immobile, and only move when they are grouped together. Behind the Fractons is a collection of exotic quantum physics, from intrinsically constrained dynamics to robust topological physics. For example, the Fracton matters can be used to build hard disks that can store quantum information — a critical step toward building a quantum computer. Another fascinating aspect of Fracton matters is that they seem to mimic quantum gravity — so with Fractons we might be able to build toy black holes in a laboratory. I feel excited to investigate different frontiers of Fracton matters — from their profound theoretical implication, to routes of their realization in experiments.

Rice Academy is an exciting platform for me to live my science life. I look forward to sharing my passion and also getting inspiration from all the fellows. 

Outside the office, I enjoy exploring nature, sweating in the gym, and also searching for delicious, spicy food.