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I obtained my B.S. degree in Material Chemistry from Fudan University in 2017 and my Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Peking University in 2022.

As a Rice Academy Fellow, I will work under the guidance of Prof. James M. Tour in the Department of Chemistry. My research field mainly focus on the environment remediation and waste management by flash Joule heating. More specifically, I plan to eliminate some toxic substances (e.g. heavy metal ions and organochlorine pesticides) from soil and water by flash Joule heating. Additionally, I will try to convert municipal solid waste to the wealth by flash Joule heating, such as converting the waste plastic or rubber to graphene.

For me, Rice Academy is an infusive platform to motivate my curiosity and enjoy the diversity in interdisciplinary communities. I am excited to share our passions, collaborate with a group of scholars and discuss a series of interesting topics here. I also believe this process will provide me a significant promotion in both my research and my life.

Outside the office, I also enjoy going sightseeing, playing board games and also reading classic literary works.