Dr. Christopher Reyes headshot

WEBSITE(S)| Material Science and NanoEngineering


BS, Applied Mathematics – Texas State University – 2014
PhD, Chemistry – Duke University – 2018
Postdoctoral Research Associate – The Additive Lab  - 2020
The Rice Academy Fellowship is an amazing opportunity that allows me to continue my research while I pursue a career as a research scientist. The Rice Academy gives me access to many prominent researchers to help guide my research and develop my career.
I was born and raised by a single mother of four in South Texas and am a first-generation college student. Growing up in a lower socioeconomic community inspired me to achieve the highest level of education possible and become an advocate for change in minority communities. I made it a priority to remain involved in minority serving communities and participate in outreach programs for underrepresented groups.
I received my Bachelor of Science in applied mathematics in 2014 from Texas State University in San Marcos, TX. My wife, daughter and I then relocated to Durham, NC where I completed my PhD in Chemistry at Duke University in 2018. My graduate researched focused on the manipulation of nanoparticles using acoustic forces and developing nanomaterials and nanocomposites for applications in 3D printable electronics and energy storage devices. My wife, daughter, son and I then moved to Houston, TX where I am currently a postdoctoral research associate in The Additive Lab at Rice University. Here, I work with Dr. Cordero and a team from industry to develop hybrid additive manufacturing techniques to create ultra-hard materials. As a Rice Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow, I will continue my research in energy storage devices and develop the second generation of completely printable lithium ion batteries.